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Extraordinary performance begins with a strong foundation. You must be solid in your sport specific skills. You also need to be prepared with a strong foundation to manage challenges that will come up when you are on an elite performance track; challenges like fear and anxiety, distractions, injury, exhaustion, and team discord. Offering you a set of tools and techniques so you can manage challenges in mind and body is what Coaching for Champions founder Kamala Nellen offers with The Art and Science of Working IN for Champion Sports Performance™. In the long-run, the key is resilience. Our top priorities are an athlete’s well-being and health. Our means are natural and cost-effective. Our results are solid.

Working with Kamala, you will gain:

  • Access the zone – reliably!

  • Emotional calm

  • Unshakable concentration
  • Flexible and strong
  • Increased reaction speed
  • Enhanced self confidence
  • Greater team synergy
  • Enhanced respect and collaboration
  • Mentally tough
  • Motivated to win
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Kamala Nellen has given me the mental edge to be number one!

“I was specifically looking for a yoga teacher, someone who’d focus on the deeper stretch and the lengthening and flexibility needed in swimming. My workout is in the pool. Gym/yoga workouts didn’t fit my needs–until I found Kamala Nellen! Her yoga instruction helped release pulled muscles, strains, and swimmer’s shoulder. And she gave me so much more! Kamala emphasized a winner’s attitude, focus, goals, breath work, meditation, and the tools to deal with stress before a race. At the National Championships, my relay team won 2nd and 4th places. My coach asked me, “How does it feel to be 2nd fastest in the nation?” Kamala’s expertise helped me believe that I could do it. I’ll continue to train with Kamala, building the confidence and skills while aiming for a 1st place. Kamala Nellen has given me the mental edge to be number one.”

Peter- Swimmer
“As a professional athlete for over 20 years, I cannot even begin to explain the importance of the techniques taught in ‘Working IN’ and what they can do for an athlete’s performance. Once I personally realized that the only thing holding me back from achieving my highest goals was myself I was able to incorporate mental training techniques into my life that truly paved the way to the realization of my dreams. As a professional level coach now, I can say with 100% certainty that continued mental training is the best thing that any athlete can and will ever do for themselves. ‘Working IN’ will certainly be an advantage for future athletes that I can only wish that I had when I started my career.”
IAN FEUER, English Premier League, US National and Olympic team, Coach; US National Team, LA Galaxy, Pepperdine and USC
“I worked with Kamala while being a professional baseball player in the Washington Nationals organization. I was just coming off of my worst season and was dealing with a lot of mental baggage keeping me from thriving on a consistent basis. I had several sessions both via video chat and in person in which Kamala taught me several techniques to quiet my mind and improve my focus. I went on to have the best season of my career. Many of her mental practices I still do to this day to help quiet my mind, whether it be to decrease anxiety at work or to simply so I can go to sleep when I’m restless in bed. She is no doubt one of the most influential persons in my having the best seasons of my career. I have no doubt I was able to reach my full potential as a result of our sessions. I only wish is that I would have met her in the beginning of my career.”
Professional Baseball Player

The strategies that Kamala gave me helped me sleep more peacefully, helped me clear my mind, and helped slow down my thinking process!

Menelik Israel - University Scholarship Baseball Player

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Kamala Nellen is also the author of the book, Working IN: The Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out From The Inside.