Session Work

The goal of a Coaching for Champions session is to take your performance from great to extraordinary! Clients learn cutting-edge tools to optimize their performance and stay on target. Kamala Nellen has practiced and taught these performance-enhancement tools for over 40 years and she has had consistent results with her clients. Sessions are designed to provide you with the tools you need to sustain championship performance and to manage challenges along the way. Kamala works one-on-one with individuals, and she also works with teams and groups. Session work length depends on needs stated.

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For the Mind

  • Stay reliably in the zone

  • Keep the mind calm and clear

  • Overcome distractions

  • Override fears

  • For teams, increase team cohesion

For the Body

  • Balance muscle groups

  • Avoid injury

  • Recuperate quickly

  • Be ready, day after day

For Self Responsibility

  • Create empowered goals
  • Increase forward momentum

  • Learn self-management skills

Kamala Nellen’s clients resolved issues

Distractions, lack of confidence, fear…

Joseph, a teenage baseball player, wanted to learn meditation. But when he walked into the training facility, his eyes were moving all over the room—he was looking at all the other players, responding to conversations and music. I could see that Joseph was easily distracted and wouldn’t be able to sit still for an extended time—which is required for meditation practice. Instead, I had him practice focusing for a few minutes at a time while in he was moving. Here is what his mom said after the first session:

I think the meditation is working because last night at practice my son hit all the balls pitched to him and hit a home run over the center field fence. Additionally, he did his meditation on the way to the game today and during the game and he was very light on his feet moving from place to place on the field making all the right defensive moves at second base. He was like a butterfly gliding while mentally sharp. He continued the meditation at bat, and he hit a double. I could see through the fence he was using his breathing technique.

A free diver who held the US record wanted to beat his personal best. He was experiencing intense fear because of the depth and duration of his dives, and to overcome this, he needed to slow his heart rate. He used a technique described in my book Working IN: The Elite Guide to Working Out from the Inside, which involves breathing in a specific pattern. He overcame his fear and slowed his heart rate—and he did beat his own best and set a new US record.

A high school cheerleader, Kim, was plagued by a memory of falling during the previous year’s competition. By practicing on her focus and her breath, Kim was able to regain her confidence and avoid the distractions that had led to her fall. After she used this yogic technique, Kim gave a perfect performance!

A college baseball player, his team’s MVP, was hoping to sign a professional contract at the end of this, his senior year. He had a number of personal issues that were affecting his breathing, his mood, and, of course, his performance in baseball. The breathing technique I taught him got him back on track, and it worked—he was drafted by a professional team!

A professional baseball player’s contract was in jeopardy. He was unfocused, and his performance on the field was falling off. I did coaching sessions with him, we got to the heart of his problems, and, through focusing techniques, he was able to increase his batting percentages. He kept his contract.

Getting back on track as fast as possible

A triathlete had suffered an injury, and, even after recovery, he couldn’t regain his stride. I taught him yoga postures to build balance and flexibility in his leg ligaments. He was so happy with how he felt doing these exercises that he didn’t want our session to end—and, of course, he was back on track again.

A tennis player with ongoing back pain wanted to learn yoga—he had tried everything else. We found some postures that worked for him. Soon he was winning games again, smiling a lot, and—he told me—even sleeping better.

A kayaker was being kept out of competitions by upper back and neck pain. I taught him some neck and shoulder exercises and also some of yoga’s restorative postures. Soon he was back in competition, and he said his entire back felt good again. This was a surprise for him; he’d come to me only for the upper back and neck issue.

An MMA professional had tight hips which affected his kick. I taught him a specific series of postures for this issue, and the next day he reported that his kick went up six inches.

Dealing with a grueling pace…

A university softball team came in for a session late one Friday afternoon after a challenging three-hour practice. Everyone was dragging, and some were pretty banged up as well. I had them focus on recuperation and how to truly benefit from down time. As the players were leaving this session, one of them smiled and said, “I feel like I’ve just slept eight hours.”

Dealing with the group reality…

This softball team was losing games and, according to the coach, fighting on the bus. I sent the players a survey before our first session. The consensus was to focus on self-discipline, communication, and time management. After three 1-hour group empowerment sessions, the team ended the season just one place away from the state championship.

A junior Olympics gymnastics team had come off a losing season. We had a group coaching session to address their loss of heart. After the session, the coach told me her team had a 180-degree change in perspective and were pumped for the season ahead.

A group of ballet dancers were overwhelmed with packed schedules and many didn’t want to stay the course of their contract. Through self-empowerment sessions, they realized they each had the power to successfully address their needs.

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