Life andPerformance Development
for Teens

Out of her Coaching for Champions work, Kamala Nellen offers a Foundation Performance Development Program for athletes and high achievers ages 13 to 19. Kamala s productive approach to enhancing teen performance provides these young people with tools that keep their bodies and minds resilient and give them the skills they need for self-management.
Foundation Performance Development is an immersion course that provides teens with the groundwork they need in order to perform like champions in their sport or on their career path.
Performance enhancement specialist Kamala Nellen designed this cutting-edge training program to support teens in alignment, balance, and resilience. The program consists of three modules: Self-Empowerment, The Body, and The Mind.

Yes, I can! It is vital for a high achiever to empower him or herself. In this module, teens learn how to harness their own power for success. They learn to

  1. Set their own goals for powerful results
  2. Determine a step-by-step means to increase forward momentum
  3. Identify and effectively manage their challenges
  4. Sharpen creative thinking skills
  5. Enhance communication skills

The Body
For any kind of champion performance, a high achiever must be in charge of their body. Teens will be made aware of how to address their own physical issues with specific hatha yoga postures. They learn to

  1. Build stability and strength… and flexibility
  2. Balance and align their body
  3. Correct any imbalances introduced in athletic training
  4. Recuperate fast from fatigue
  5. With injuries, quicken recovery—if the doctor agrees!

The Mind
Success begins in the mind—especially when it comes to handling distractions, stress, and performance fears. In the Mind Module, teens are given techniques to focus the mind in order to access greater power and to rest the mind to keep it resilient. They learn to

  1. Access the zone—reliably!
  2. Practice keeping the mind calm and clear
  3. Manage their energy effectively with specific techniques
  4. Steady their emotions with other techniques
  5. For teams, increase team cohesion

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Additionally for Teens…
Individual and Team Training Programs
Kamala Nellen also offers teens one-on-one sessions and packages. Sessions run one hour. The number of sessions in package depends on the goals specified. Session work is suitable for teens on any performance track. Workshops on targeted performance issues are also available for teams and groups.

Distance Learning Programs
Session work for teens is also available via Zoom conferencing.