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Out of her Coaching for Champions work, Kamala Nellen offers performance enhancement for those in the performing arts. Kamala’s productive approach to enhancing performance provides performing artists with tools that keep them resilient and give them the skills they need for self-management. Kamala Nellen supports clients with alignment, balance, and resilience in three areas: Self-Empowerment, The Body, and The Mind.

Working with Kamala, you will gain:

  • Emotional calm

  • Mental clarity
  • Flexibility and balance

  • Effectively management of energy

  • Fast recuperation from fatigue

  • Unshakable concentration
  • Enhanced self confidence
  • Greater team cohesion


Yes, I can! It is vital for anyone in the performing arts to empower him or herself. In this module, clients learn how to harness their own power for success.

The Body
For any kind of champion performance, a high achiever must be in charge of their body. Performing artists will be made aware of how to address their own physical issues with specific hatha yoga postures and adaptations of postures.

The Mind
Success begins in the mind—especially when it comes to handling distractions, stress, and performance fears. In the Mind Module, performing artists are given techniques to focus the mind in order to access greater power and to rest the mind to keep it resilient.

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“Kamala Nellen has a gift for coaching and training athletes. She took the time to get to know me and the elements of my life. I learned so much from our sessions, and even though I am recovering from surgery, I felt at ease the entire time. She was completely focused on my alignment and technical execution of the exercises. I think that Kamala is highly knowledgeable, and I would recommend that any athlete train with her.”

- Professional Ballerina
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Kamala Nellen is also the author of the book, Working IN: The Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out From The Inside.

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