“The strategies that Kamala gave me helped me sleep more peacefully, helped me clear my mind, and helped slow down my thinking process!”

Menelik Israel — University Scholarship Baseball Player

“I studied privately with Kamala Nellen for over a year and a half… I am an avid tennis player, and at the time I had back pain. I had been to acupuncturists, a chiropractor and had a CAT scan and could not get to the bottom of the issue.

Kamala worked with me twice a week, both on my back and on building balanced flexibility and mental concentration. She is an outstanding yoga instructor who can work closely with clients to help them reach their goals. She helped me to alleviate the pain in my back and my tennis game also improved quite a lot.”

—CEO Fortune 500 Company

“I am a professional baseball player. I was just coming off of my worst season and was dealing with a lot of mental baggage. I had several sessions with Kamala, both via video chat and in person, in which she taught me techniques to quiet my mind and improve my focus. I went on to have the best season of my career. I have no doubt that I was able to reach my full potential as a result of our sessions. I only wish I would have met Kamala at the beginning of my career.”

—Professional Baseball Player, Washington D.C

“The techniques for the mind Kamala taught my son last week are working—because last night at practice he hit all the balls pitched to him and hit a home run over the center field fence. On the way to the game today, he did the meditation Kamala had taught him, and during the game, he was light on his feet, making all the right defensive moves and moving from place to place on the field. He glided like a butterfly, and he was mentally sharp. At bat, he hit a double.”

—Parent of high school baseball player after one week of work

“The session with Kamala on communication within the team really helped each of us to understand how everyone on the team feels and how we react to others and to different situations. This has come in handy.”

—College Softball Player

“I have worked with Kamala over the past two years, and I feel her expertise in yoga is second to none. As the owner of the largest plyometric training company in the country, I am reluctant endorse anyone without first seeing the final results. I have personally experienced Kamala’s hands-on approach improve my flexibility and, on two occasions, help with ongoing pain in my shoulders and upper back. Kamala is driven by one thing, and that is results.”

—Businessman and Professional Volleyball Coach

“Kamala emphasized a winner’s attitude, focus, goals, breath work, meditation, and the tools to deal with stress before a race. At the National Championships, my relay team won 2nd and 4th places. My coach asked me, “How does it feel to be 2nd fastest in the nation?”

Kamala’s expertise helped me believe that I could do it. I’ll continue to train with Kamala, building the confidence and skills while aiming for a 1st place. Kamala has given me the mental edge to be number 1.”

—Competitive swimmer, California

“High performers are generally well organized –that’s my way of seeing it. What high performers need is a coach like Kamala to ground and center them. Kamala has given 100 percent so that I can meet my goals. She is able to reframe the way I approach issues, making it possible for me to meet and exceed what I have set out for myself. Kamala does a lot of listening before asking her thought-provoking questions. She empathizes with me and also challenges me, leading me to raise the bar all the time. I always look forward to our sessions. Working with Kamala is highly motivating for me.”

—Corporate trainer, Kuala Lumpur

“Kamala knows very well how to inspire and motivate me and to make me think. She lets me share my thoughts about what I’m going to do to move forward—and reframes those thoughts as we go.”

—Attorney in private practice, Florida

“After an hour with Kamala Nellen, my focus and productivity for the rest of the day simply soared. It was very empowering.”

—Publisher, Missouri

“Kamala surpassed my expectations. I was looking for a business coach, and Kamala’s strong spiritual background was an unexpected bonus.”

—Business owner, Pennsylvania

“I’ve known Kamala for years, but we live in different places now, and so I’ve only worked with her once as a hatha yoga consultant. It was an extraordinary hour. She saw what I needed and came up with a creative way to address my physical issues using simple exercises that I could (and have) continued on my own–with great success. Kamala is not only an effective teacher, she is also a delight to be with and a shining example of the benefits a steady yoga practice can bring.”

—Independent editor, Washington State

“Kamala, thanks for helping me keep my perspective in this crazy time of my life.”

—Coaching client, New York

“Kamala provided tremendous help to my daughter, whose nerves were affecting her performances at cheerleading competitions. My daughter learned how to be more focused, centered and confident during high-pressure situations. She was able to feel much more at ease and confident with herself and therefore put on great performances. One thing I found most amazing about Kamala was how much she really cared about helping my daughter. She took an interest in my daughter that went way beyond what I expected. I felt Kamala cared just as much as my daughter and I did about her performances. These techniques will be useful in many aspects of life! Thank you, Kamala.”

—Parent of High School Cheerleader, Florida

“Working with Kamala has helped me to take a step back so I can observe my actions and reassess the situation and my attitude. Then, instead of getting upset and reacting irrationally, I can focus on the appropriate reaction.”

—College Softball Player

“Kamala Nellen has a gift for coaching and training athletes. She took the time to get to know me and the elements of my life. I learned so much from our sessions, and even though I am recovering from surgery, I felt at ease the entire time. She was completely focused on my alignment and technical execution of the exercises. I think that Kamala is highly knowledgeable, and I would recommend that any athlete train with her.”

—Professional Ballerina

“Kamala Nellen has an immense reservoir of knowledge that she is always happy to share with students. I find she is respectful of my physical limitations and is always looking for creative solutions to help me with these limitations. It is a pleasure taking class from her.”

—Yoga Student

“I’ve been studying yoga for almost ten years, and Kamala Nellen is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. She is knowledgeable, and she gives excellent and intuitive personal attention to each student. I have gained so much understanding from her about the subtle workings of my body and what yoga can do for me. She is a real gem.”

—Yoga Student

“I think the session did work for him because he went to the batting cages right after and my husband said he did extremely well. There were a bunch of parents watching him in awe. When he was told he did well, he said he wasn’t even trying hard to hit the ball, but eyewitnesses say he was hitting very hard and far.”

—Parent of High School Baseball Player, Week One