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For anyone who wants to thrive, life coaching can be vital. A life coach is invaluable when you know you need to make changes for the better. Faced with certain choices, you may feel confused or stuck; you may need a little support to move forward with confidence. Or there are times when you simply need to do a “global mute”—you need to silence the voices in your head, the voices around you, the barrage of actions on your to-do list—so that you can hear what is actually going on inside you. What is really important to you now? Are you going in a direction that allows you to thrive? Do you need to move beyond your comfort zone or stop so you can reassess? Is there something you’ve hidden that needs your attention? Is it time to move forward toward the vision you’ve been ignoring? And, when it comes to making changes, where do you start?

It is helpful to have a life coach who is not an old friend or a family member or even a well-meaning colleague. A life coach is someone who can reflect back to you what you feel and want without an overlay of preconceived notions about who you are; someone who can set their own agenda aside and listen to you, asking the kinds of questions that pull you into a deeper self-connection; someone who can help you can find the clarity to set a course forward that motivates you.

As your life coach, Kamala Nellen will hold a presence for you so that you can dive deep inside, to access your heart, where you will find what is important for you. She will be a sounding board so that you can explore your big-picture vision as well as the little things that keep chiming in behind the din of your mind. Together, you will design a way forward that you are enthused about. Together, you will look at your challenges and find solutions.

Kamala has had many years of working with the body and mind, of navigating big and small life changes, of stepping over obstacles to get to where she wanted to be. She will loan you her eyes and ears to help you access areas inside yourself that will allow you to answer your most important questions:

  • What do you really want?
  • What is causing you to hesitate or doubt your direction?
  • What will bring you back to equilibrium?
  • Is there a particular challenge that keeps nipping at your heels?
  • Which road do you want to take?
  • What step is next?

Life coaching with Kamala Nellen is for you if you who want to move forward, to align your outer life with your inner clarity so you can thrive. She will be there as a supportive guide. No contracts. No need to sign up for a package. You may take one session or come back if and when you choose.

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“High performers are generally well organized –that’s my way of seeing it. What high performers need is a coach like Kamala to ground and center them. Kamala has given 100 percent so that I can meet my goals. She is able to reframe the way I approach issues, making it possible for me to meet and exceed what I have set out for myself. Kamala does a lot of listening before asking her thought-provoking questions. She empathizes with me and also challenges me, leading me to raise the bar all the time. I always look forward to our sessions. Working with Kamala is highly motivating for me.”
- Corporate trainer, Kuala Lumpur
“Kamala knows very well how to inspire and motivate me and to make me think. She lets me share my thoughts about what I’m going to do to move forward—and reframes those thoughts as we go.”
- Attorney in private practice, Florida
“Kamala surpassed my expectations. I was looking for a business coach, and Kamala’s strong spiritual background was an unexpected bonus.”
- Business owner, Pennsylvania
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Kamala Nellen is also the author of the book, Working IN: The Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out From The Inside.

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