1 Aug, 2022


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Last year, I was in the midst of the third huge wildfire I had endured on the US West Coast and packing my car for the second time in a week. My nerves were shot. COVID was full on as well, and this fire was just one trauma too many. I decided to call a

22 Jul, 2022

Don’t Become Anything and Ahimsa

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The idea of becoming visible, standing up and saying your truth when it challenges the status quo, is challenging in the world today. In no time at all, you will be criticized and condemned by somebody. This happened to me twenty years ago when I wrote an article saying yoga would measurably increase sports performance.

23 Aug, 2021

Five Ways to Achieve a Calm, Clear Mind Using Yoga

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Have you ever said to yourself, "If I could just calm down, I could be really clear." Whether poised for a job interview, deciding which way to turn at a crossroads in your life, or simply trying to prioritize what is most important in your day, mental balance is key. A balanced mind can