13 Sep, 2022

7 Tips on Diet and Nutrition for Top Performance

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For top athletic performance, you need to keep your body performance ready. And this goes for anyone who has to show up and deliver. How you nourish yourself is paramount to having sustained high energy in performance as well as optimum health. Here are 7 tips on nutrition from the ancient science of yoga that

1 Aug, 2022


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Last year, I was in the midst of the third huge wildfire I had endured on the US West Coast and packing my car for the second time in a week. My nerves were shot. COVID was full on as well, and this fire was just one trauma too many. I decided to call a

22 Jul, 2022

Don’t Become Anything and Ahimsa

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The idea of becoming visible, standing up and saying your truth when it challenges the status quo, is challenging in the world today. In no time at all, you will be criticized and condemned by somebody. This happened to me twenty years ago when I wrote an article saying yoga would measurably increase sports performance.

6 Jul, 2022

Avoid Injury Part 2

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Part 2: You need to consider the emotional component of conditioning. In part one on avoiding injury, we looked at the value of listening to your body to assess what’s working and what’s not working. An athlete asked me, What about the emotional component of weight lifting in conditioning? You have to learn to manage

1 Jun, 2022

Avoid Injury

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Part 1: Assess your training regimen Some years ago, I was a guest on a football radio show when a caller asked about conditioning for the athlete preparing for the next level of competition. He told me he found some football flexibility exercises he was asked to do to be “ridiculous.” I could hear

7 May, 2022


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Performers—which includes all athletes, anyone in the performance arts, and many in business—frequently have packed schedules with no breaks and little chance for sleep or downtime. If this is true for you, you probably have come to realize that your energy is precious. You’ve probably found that it’s not always on tap when you need

28 Jan, 2022

When Emotions Come into Play

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What can you do when your opponent throws a fit on the court? I made the mistake of commenting on a tennis parent’s website to a post about one of their son’s opponents who had an all-out temper tantrum on the court; it was highly emotional and it was repeated. My initial thought was that

23 Aug, 2021

Five Ways to Achieve a Calm, Clear Mind Using Yoga

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Have you ever said to yourself, "If I could just calm down, I could be really clear." Whether poised for a job interview, deciding which way to turn at a crossroads in your life, or simply trying to prioritize what is most important in your day, mental balance is key. A balanced mind can

20 Aug, 2021

Questions I have been asked…

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The following are questions I was asked about my work in 2007 in Orange County, California. I would still give the same answers.Why did you decide to go this route with what you know?Yoga is a pretty sizable piece of what I offer in my services. Having studied, practiced, and taught techniques from yoga for