Kamala Nellen, a life and performance development specialist, is the founder of Coaching for Champions, a consulting firm serving high achievers in both athletics and business. Nellen pioneered The Art and Science of Working IN for Champion Sports Performance™ and authored Working IN: The Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out from the Inside. Nellen’s knowledge is a synthesis of her career as a professional dancer and her decades of experience in teaching yoga practices and techniques that lead to sustained championship performance.

Turning Point

The turning point for Kamala came at age 26, when she broke her foot and ended her career as a professional dancer. In this moment, Kamala began to refocus her energy—perfecting the proven, natural techniques with which she now supports high achievers in business as well as athletes from a full spectrum of professional and amateur sports.

The short-cut to managing stress and pain is drugs—yet whatever these drugs may be, they are no long-term solution for anyone.

What Works

Kamala Nellen cares about more than just performance. She cares about her clients’ well-being off the competitive field and beyond their career goals. The cutting-edge performance tools she teaches lead to high functioning on any competitive field, whether it’s in sports, in business, or in life. To find out more:

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